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Storage of household goods

It is possible to store your goods at your movers storage facilities. This can be helpful when your old house is sold quickly, or your new house is not finished yet, or if you move to a temporary or smaller house. Storage can save you a lot of money.

Temporary storage of household goods is a specialty of the international mover. The mover has a secured, climate controlled storage facility. This is important for the safe storage of your goods. The facilities will be damp proof and protected against vermin.

Your goods are only partly insured at these facilities. Most often it is possible to change the address of your insurance to that of the storage facility. You can also insure your household goods through your removal company.

Storage is usually a fixed price per cubic meter per month. It is also possible to rent a container with your mover. Besides paying storage fees you have to pay handling fees. (for loading and unloading of goods) It is necessary to make clear agreements on the cost of interim viewing of goods, and/or ending storage.